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Approved GTA Arbitrators - 23 October 2018

Appointment of GTA Arbitrators

The GTA Dispute Resolution Service is a core activity of GTA and is reliant on the nomination and subsequent appointment of arbitrators from the grain industry who are prepared to act in this important capacity.

GTA is now seeking additional arbitrators from across the grain industry and will include:

  • primary producers;
  • grain merchants;
  • end users;
  • flour millers;
  • stock feed manufacturers;
  • grain traders;
  • storage and handling organisations;
  • grain exporters; and
  • statutory boards.

Requirements to be an Arbitrator

Approved GTA Arbitrators may be Members of GTA or Non Members and shall meet the following criteria:

  1. be well versed in the practices and customs of the grain trade;
  2. have a thorough understanding of the GTA Trade Rules and GTA Arbitration Rules;
  3. have not less than five years experience in the grain trade or grain related industry, or is a professional arbitrator;
  4. not be a bankrupt, insolvent, or in receivership;
  5. not be convicted of a felony; and
  6. comply with GTA Arbitrator training requirements.

Appointment and duration

  • Approved GTA Arbitrators shall be appointed by the GTA Board.
  • Appointments as an Approved GTA Arbitrator are reviewed annually by the GTA Board.


To nominate for the role of GTA Arbitrator complete the nomination form and forward it to GTA.

GTA Arbitrator Nomination and Background Information Form

GTA Arbitrator Nomination and Background Information Form (Export Contracts)

Additional Information

GTA Arbitrator Training Requirements and Registration Form

Complimentary Arbitrator Training - Melbourne 12 November 2018 - Karstens, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne.

GTA Arbitrator Q&A (PDF 34KB)

Experts Code of Conduct 2008 Rules