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Code Assessment Program

The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice (The Code) Assessment Program

The Code Assessment program and its Industry Pathway Programs creates an avenue for industry to demonstrate an understanding of the Code of Practice compliance requirements, and a means to demonstrate that industry understands the level of performance required in the Code and Technical Guideline Documents (TGDs).

This is achieved by providing:

  • Industry Participants with a learning and professional development opportunity based on the content of the Code; and
  • Industry Employers (incl. GTA Members) with a structured program of professional development for their employees; and a verifiable means to promote that their employees are competent and understand their obligations under the Codes and are knowledgable of the issues outlined in the TGDs.

The delivery model for the Code Assessment program is to provide a multiple-choice set of questions for:

  • the Code;
  • the Transport Code of Practice (TCoP); and
  • each TGD.

The Assessment Program model requires:

  • The students to read and comprehend the course material.
  • Successful completion of an assessment based on users attempting multiple-choice questions, structured on each document's key segments.
  • Attainment of a 70% pass rate.
  • Certificates issued under the Code Assessment Program will be valid for 5 years.

The Assessment Program structure:

The Assessment Program is an open learning system where the students may choose which learning task/s they complete. The student can choose:

  • Any one assessment task;
  • Or a group of assessments associated with an Industry Pathway Program - such as the Grain Transport Code of Practice Pathway Program.

Industry Pathway Programs:

Industry Pathway Programs are made up of relevant sections of the Code, and/or the TCoP and selected TGDs. These include:

  1. Grain Industry Code of Practice introduction;
  2. Grain Transport Code of Practice;
  3. Grain Handling;
  4. Grain Assessment and Classification; and
  5. Grain Industry Operating Standards and Issues Management.

Click here to access the Code Assessment Program fact sheet with more information.

NOTE: Once a TGD has been successfully completed, it can be applied against relevant Industry Pathway Programs.

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