GTA Contracts and Vendor Declarations

The GTA contracts and vendor declarations have provided standards terms and conditions for the trade of grain within Australia. This has been vital for anyone purchasing, selling, trading, broking or operating in the commercial grain industry. The GTA contracts and vendor declarations cover all grains, oilseeds and pulses. 

Contract No 1 Grain & Oilseeds in Bulk FOB Terms
Contract No 2 Grain & Oilseeds in Bulk Basis Track 
Contract No 3 Contract Confirmation 
Contract No 4 Delivered Container Terminal DCT
Contract No 5 CFR-CIF for Grain in Containers
Explanatory Memorandum Contract No 1 Bulk FOB
Explanatory Memorandum Contract No 5 CFR-CIF for Grain in Containers

GTA Voyage Charter - AusGrain 2013

The AusGrain 2013 Voyage Charterparty is a new voyage charter designed specifically for Australian grain exports. Produced by GTA in consultation with many of Australia’s major grain exporters, the AusGrain form seeks to update the venerable Austwheat 1990 form.  


GTA Brokers Note   &  GTA Agents Note 

The GTA Brokers Note was developed to provide industry with a simple standardised format for use in conjunction with the existing GTA contracts, Trade Rules and Dispute Resolution Rules. The GTA Agents Note was developed to reflect changes in the industry as the role of Agent and Broker have been defined in recent years.  An Agent differs from a Broker as they are working exclusively for the benefit of one Party.

GTA Grain Transport Contract 

The GTA Grain Transport Contract was redeveloped in 2015 and now aligns with the GTA Grain Transport Code of Practice. Any dispute arising out of this agreement  shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the GTA Dispute Resolution Rules.


Commodity Vendor Declarations

GTA Grain Commodity Vendor Declaration - May 2012 (PDF 111KB)
SafeMeat Commodity Vendor Declaration - July 2004 (PDF 70KB) 


GTA Track Pricing Examples

 GTA Canola Track Price Example
 GTA Wheat Track Price Example
 GTA Sorghum Track Price Example